Microelectronics Market Conference

Creating electronic high-volume production facilities
in Russian regions
(Market, Technologies and State Support)


Date: Tuesday, 16 June 2015
Time: 09:00 - 19:00
Location: Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel (link) 


The conference provides an overview relative to the current landscape of the microelectronics industry in Russian regions and their internal and external markets, competitive technologies, existing and planned capacities. The aim of the conference is to illustrate the near term opportunities and challenges in Russia and its regions. One of the sessions will focus on regional innovations and investment policies to support the local industry to upgrade their existing facilities and to become more competitive including the importance of local clusters, research and technology organizations as well as universities.
All sessions will be held in the panel discussion format with a wide possibility to debate current challenges in the electronic industry of Russia with an international audience.


 Tuesday, 16 June 2015 
09:00Registration and welcome coffee  
Heinz Kundert, President SEMI Europe
Sergey Khokhlov, Head of Department of Radioelectronics Industry, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation
Session 1:Global and Russian Microelectronics Market
10:15Global Semiconductor and related Market (with emphasis on More than Moore)
Jean-Christophe Eloy, Yole Developpement
10:35Russian Microelectronics Market potential
Alexey Volostnov, Frost & Sullivan
10:55Current status of existing and potential Microelectronic projects in Russia
Vadim Garshin, Moselectronproekt
11:10Scientific and technology potential in Russian Regions (technologies, materials and readiness level of commercialization). Key Enabling Technologies (KET).
Arseniy Brykin, Ruselectronics
KET applying and Market potential (with emphasis on Russian Regions)
Moderator:Ivan Pokrovsky, SOVEL
Panelists:- Jean-Christophe Eloy, Yole Developpement
- Alexey Volostnov, Frost & Sullivan
- Vadim Garshin, Moselectronproekt
- Arseniy Brykin, Ruselectronics
12:00Networking Lunch
Session 2:Strategy
13:30National priorities and the regional implementation plan of micro-electronics in Russia including States support
 Alena Fomina, CNII Electronica
13:50Regional Innovation and Investment policy (short and long-term)
Pavel Rudnik, Ministry of economic development
 Dmitry Krinitskiy, Rusnano
 14:10The potential and challenges of local equipment manufacturing
 Andrey Betin, Stankoprom
 Vitaliy Razumov, SMP ESTO
 What production facilities does Russia need to create in a short-term? Technology transfer and manufacturing localization. Success story.
Panelists:- Alena Fomina, CNII Electronica
- Pavel Rudnik, Ministry of economic development
- Dmitry Krinitskiy, Rusnano
- Andrey Betin, Stankoprom / Vitaliy Razumov, SMP ESTO
15:00Networking Coffee
Session 3:Clusters, Universities and RTOs
15:30Clusters and Technoparks as a driver of electronic industry development. Structure, Resources, challenges and goals.
Denis Mironov, SPb Committee of Industry policy and Innovations
 Vladimir Zaytcev, Zelenograd Cluster
15:50Role of regional Universities and workforce development in a competitive research environment
 Evgeny Shakhmatov, State Aerospace University of Samara
Ekaterina Lavrenova, eNano (Rusnano)
16:10The importance of strategic industry partnership and support of RTOs for technology transfers. Russia RTOs landscape.
Maxim Odnoblyudov, SPb Politech University
Sergey Alexandrov, Eltech SPb

R&D infrastructure of Electronic industry. Centers of competences.

How it should be?

Moderator:Sergey Alexandrov, Eltech SPb
Panelists:- Denis Mironov, SPb Committee of Industry policy and Innovations
- Vladimir Zaytcev, Zelenograd Cluster
- Evgeny Shakhmatov, State Aerospace University of Samara
- Maxim Odnoblyudov, SPb Politech University
- Lode Lauwers, imec
17:00Networking Reception

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